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Web Design & Layout

Let’s talk about web design. I specialize in designing websites that ‘WOW’ your customers without taking away from your message. You can choose between a portfolio style site with multiple pages, or go for the hip new one-page-design style.

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Responsive Design

All the sites I design are responsive. If you haven’t heard the term before, it means that my websites will react to the size screen that is being used to access them. Still confused? Look at this website on your phone, ipad, computer or any other device.

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Tell Your Story

Have you developed your brand’s core story yet? I’m not talking about the boring “history of the company” ramblings that litter the About page of 99% of all small business websites. I’m talking about your brand’s unique selling points. You know, the things that make you the better choice above all of your competitors. My websites will help you tell that story.

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All my websites come with built-in web standard search engine optimization. That means I do everything possible within the coding of your site to make sure that it is extremely easy for search engines to index it, and know exactly what product or service you are selling.

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Have you ever looked into having your website redesigned, but couldn’t find a single web design company with a transparent pricing guide? Well now you have. I will get you set up with an advanced business site for $599. The websites I build are beautiful, user-friendly, and have many of the bells and whistles most custom sites come with. Oh, and it won’t cost you thousands of dollars.

If you’re ready, I can’t wait to talk to you. Give me a call at (734)755-8132 or sign up online today. Once you buy, I will be in contact with you within twenty four business hours and we’ll set up our initial consultation. Turnaround for getting your new website online is usually one week.

If you’d rather learn a bit more, I suggest heading to my Webiste 101 page to learn more details about how my websites work and why I am different than anything else out there.

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